Solving the College Admissions Puzzle

Over one million high school seniors are facing the daunting task of applying to college. Is this you? Read on.

As experts who work with college bound students for several decades, this website will help you manage the tasks required.
We are a school counselor, writing coach and an academic coach. Why did we write our book and create this website?
Here is our story: We all love teens and are in the trenches daily helping them to select and apply to colleges, write effective application essays, and score their best on the ACT or SAT. In addition to our professional training and experience, we have each shepherded our own children through the college admissions process. We understand the questions, fears, and angst.
As an extension of our annual “College Night” at the Ann Arbor District Library, we wrote this guide to bring harmony into your home and reduce the stress around this exciting time.
From students, we hear comments such as:
“What college should I apply to? There’s a big disconnect between my grades and SAT scores. Can I even get in anywhere?”
“I can’t think of anything to write for my application essay.”
“I suck on those timed tests!”
“When do I do what?”
“I feel so overwhelmed with the pressure—where do I begin?”
From parents, we hear comments such as:
“I keep telling my son to start writing those applications, but he keeps procrastinating.”
“My daughter’s writing is so disorganized. She can’t write a short answer on a test, so how can she write an interesting essay for her application?”
“Thank goodness I didn’t have to take the new SATs. I’m not a good test taker, and neither are any of my children. What can they do?”
“Where do we start in the application process? It’s all so different from when I applied.”
“How much should I be involved in this process?”

This blog is designed for students and their families to provide useful and timely information about the college admissions process.

These blog will compliment and extend the information in our book, Solving the College Admissions Puzzle. In addition, we will address current media issues and concern that you raise when commenting on the blog. You’ll also hear about special events, services, and new products. We look forward to hearing from you!

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