What Does the College Want to Know About Me to Admit Me?

The best essay is compelling to read and brings out your best qualities. It leaves the reader excited about you as a prospective student in his school. The college admissions officer reads your essay to visualize you:

  • Attending that school
  • Contributing positively in class and in the college community
  • Graduating with a good GPA in approximately 4 years

You are an expert on you. The college admission officer is an expert on his college environment. How can you convince him that you fit into his environment? This is where college research can be so helpful. Talk to people, call the school, and read about the institution on the web and in its written materials. Visit the school if you can, so you can see what the college admissions officer sees every day. Then you can build your understanding into your essay. Ask yourself this question: How and why would I fit in or be an asset on the campus?

Here is an excellent example of an essay written by a student who visited a college, and used that knowledge to his advantage. “Why Yale” by David Roosth
Upon a recent Yale visit, I conversed with a Yale senior in the admissions office about his experiences. He had only two complaints about the university: there were too many student protesters, and the university sands the roads instead of salting them in the winter. I love that Yale is a place where the students are motivated to change the world, and the faculty encourages them to act. Sanding saves the environment. What annoyed this Yale student impresses me. –from Fiske: Real College Essays that Work.

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