When Do I Start My College Application Essay?

Students ask, when do we start on the college application essay? If you are asking the question, it’s time. It’s time to take a look at essay prompts at commonapp.org ...

Checklist: Evaluate Your College Visits

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. The same is true for evaluating a college as it is shown on a brochure or video. If possible, visit ...

Advice on Whittling Your Admissions Essay

Here is some great advice from the New York Times on reducing the number of words in your common application essay or your college admissions essay.Shorter essays usually make a ...

Teens & the Need to Read More

Teens & the Need to Read More Geraldine Markel, PhD  You wouldn’t expect a walk around the block to adequately prepare someone to run a marathon. By the same token, the act of exchanging text messages, Tweets, Facebook statuses, or Buzzfeed listicles does not adequately prepare young people for the demands of higher-level reading and […]

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10 Tips for Getting Ready for High School Finals

10 Tips for Getting Ready for High School Finals Geraldine Markel, PhD It’s a busy time of the year. Sporting events, celebrations, ACT or SAT tests, and—finals. Perhaps the weather is inviting you to be outside, rather than studying. How can you begin to prepare and avoid common pitfalls? Here are 10 tips to help […]

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Teens Need More Sleep

Teens Need More Sleep Geraldine Markel, PhD           Phil, an 11th grade student says, “I just couldn’t get up for class, I’m always late. Janet, a high school sophomore, told her friend, “I’m so tired during class that I just blank out.” Although it’s been spoken about before, the problem of […]

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2015 Events for College Admissions Advisors

The following events are free to the public, and are designed for students who will be applying to college, and their parents.  Our goal for these two evening events is that you will leave interested, enlightened, and relieved. Remember the old adage by Benjamin Franklin:  “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Monday, […]

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2014 Events for College Admissions Advisors

2014 Events For College Admissions Advisors (collegeadmissionsadvisors.com) Debbie Merion—For more information, go to essaycoaching.com Sept 24 7 PM CHS Community High School in Ann Arbor Sept 22 Mom’s a Genius on WXYZ-TV Oct 2 7 PM College Night  Ann Arbor District Library–Downtown Oct 8 3-5 PM EMU and AADL Eastern Michigan University Early College Alliance–Ypsilanti […]

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Five College Application Essay Qs I Answered on WXYZ-TV

Sept 30, 2014.  Sitting in front of me these days—in my office and on Skype—are high school seniors and their parents who sometimes look worried, stressed or befuddled about the process of writing a strong college application essay. They want to know, “What should I say?” Last week my efforts to help these folks received […]

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Congrats to John Boshoven and Community High School in Ann Arbor, MI

CHS alum Scott Meves writes: “Great to see Community High School ranked #13 this year in Newsweek’s 2014 Rankings for America’s Top Schools.      Congrats to John Boshoven, Counselor at Community High School, and his amazing colleagues, for these excellent college readiness scores! Says Scott, “It’s difficult to really “rank” schools on any single […]

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College Applicant Questions Answered by Gold Medal Winning Ebook

College Applicant Questions Answered by Gold Medal Winning Ebook Parents and students look relieved. ANN ARBOR, Michigan.  (August 25, 2014) Solving the College Admissions Puzzle, A Guide for Students and Families about College Selection, Essay Writing, and High-Stakes Testing, by Debbie E. Merion, M.S.W, M.F.A, John B. Boshoven, M.A., M.S.W and Geraldine Markel, Ph.D. is […]

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Transition Strategies for Parents: How to Prevent Your Child from Falling Through the Cracks

    Transition Strategies for Parents: How to Prevent Your Child from Falling Through the Cracks Geraldine Markel, PhD Nationally, only 30% of students graduate from college. Many of those who don’t graduate are students who work part- or full-time, have more financial responsibilities, dropout after their first year, and too often make decisions without […]

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October 2, 2014 7 PM: College Night at Ann Arbor District Library Downtown

October 2, 2014 7 PM:  College Night at Ann Arbor District Library Downtown This event is intended for adults and teens (grade 9 and up). Applying to college? This event is for you: AADL’s 8th annual College Night with the co-authors of  Solving the College Admissions Puzzle: A Guide for Students and Families About College Selection, […]

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